Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Funnies Are Back!

I totally forgot about Friday Funnies.  I don't even know how because my computer is jam packed full of funny shit I see and have to save.  So I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  It's our last soccer game tomorrow and the boys are devastated.  Or psyched.  It's hard to tell because they can't wait to get there, and once we're there, they cry and don't want to play.  Then they cry when the game is over because they didn't get to play.  Then when we finally force them to play, they beam ear to ear the whole time they are out there, and say they want to play it every day.  Until the next week when we get to the field and they don't want to play.  I know, it's exhausting.  TGIF!   Enjoy.

See what happens to skinny bitches on the beach?

So true.  You know who you are!

Fat cat.  (Insert Beavis and Butthead laugh)

How true?

True dat.

Anyone else find it disturbing just how close to the edge
this newborn is?

Yah....WTF do they make that out of?
It's like barbed wire!

Stick 'em up.

Awww, look at how comfy that kitty is.....

Come on, you laughed at at least one of those.  Can I ask you for a vote?

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Anonymous said...

The newborn pic... exactly my first thought was Whoah, catch the baby!! Unlike kitties they don't always land on their feet. Cute pics!

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Viktoria Bruce said...

Haha, rhese are brilliant!

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